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The Money Dance

The money dance is a tradition that is still practiced in areas of the US as well as different cultures.   It is celebrated mostly in the US in the Southern and Midwestern states.   It’s purpose is to help collect extra money for the bride and groom in order for them to take on their honeymoon … Continue reading

Planning A Wedding

Planning a wedding is a very stressful time – from finding a wedding dress, ordering food/flowers/cake, finding a venue, organizing bridesmaids and groomsmen, and many others fine details.   However, the actual timeline of the wedding day can also be just as important and stressful if it is not carried out by someone who is experienced, … Continue reading

Unique Proposals

In today’s times, more and more pressure is put on the uniqueness of the marriage proposal.   There are some great ideas out there, from the traditional romantic dinner and getting down on one knee to the over the top of having friends help you to make a video or taking someone up in a hot … Continue reading

Wedding Coordinators

Once you have become engaged, the planning starts – from date to venue, who to have in the wedding, colors, food, flowers, etc…   Sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it?   Many of you already know how overwhelming it is! One thing that can help you with this process is hiring a wedding planner.   You want to hire someone … Continue reading


Knowing who to tip, how much and how the money is delivered can be very stressful for a bride and groom.   Gala found this Pinterest site: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/414753446906284027 (which was found on advice.annsbridalbargains.com).  This helpful chart shows how much to tip for each service provider and who should deliver the tip and when.   Hope this helps … Continue reading

Happy Independence Day!

 Photo by: Jeremy Nicholson The Fourth of July is the most popular holiday for grilling and barbecuing, swimming and spending time with your family and friends.    Statistics show that Americans alone eat over 155 million hot dogs alone during this and the Memorial Day holiday!   Statistics also show that more than $14,000 fireworks are shot … Continue reading

Thank You Notes

Thank you notes are slowly becoming extinct and it is a very important and Honorable detail that should never be forgotten .   When you receive a gift for a birthday or wedding, it is always respectful to send a handwritten thank you note – this shows the friend/guest that you are appreciative of their time … Continue reading