Wedding planning Tips And Tricks

There are so many things to think about when planning a wedding:   the dress, the guest list, the food to be served, where to hold your wedding and reception, and all the vendors to use for every detail of your wedding.    Whew, did I name them all?  Not at all!   The next thing a bride needs to think about is what actually happens on the day/evening of her wedding — having everything run smoothly and getting the guests involved is just as important as how beautiful your wedding ceremony is!  This ensures that your guests have just as a memorable and fun time as you do!


Following are several things that you might want to think about when planning your wedding:

1.  Will there be many children in attendance?  How will you keep them entertained?

2.  Is your DJ good at playing up to date, lively music and getting guests involved in the music and dancing?  The thing you so not want is the music to be playing and no one dancing or enjoying the evening.

3.  Do you have enough activity/food/drink, etc.. available while you and your wedding party are taking pictures after your ceremony?

Go to the following like found on Wedding Wire’s Website for some very interesting and innovative ideas for your wedding or event!

Gala can help you create these innovative ideas for your wedding/event.   Call us to see how we can incorporate these ideas into your wedding!   Gala would also like to invite you to visit our reviews on Wedding Wire from previous brides and customers by clicking on the following web site.