The February wedding. Believe it or not, there are more than 16,000 couples who celebrate an anniversary in February! This tells us that it is an extremely popular month for a wedding. After all, everyone loves the fun and romance of a wedding on- or as close as possible to- Valentine’s Day! But, if you are planning a wedding around this important day of romance and want to stand out, then it might seem difficult. Fortunately, we have some ideas for you.

Ideas for a February Wedding

Whether you are getting married this upcoming February or planning a February wedding for next year, chances are, you want something (or perhaps several somethings) to make your wedding unique. Whether it be in your choice of colors, flowers, or gifts, you are certain to have fun selecting the perfect way(s) to make your February wedding extra special.

Use Winter Colors

Just because it is a February wedding doesn’t mean you have to use red, burgundy, and pink- although those colors certainly make one think Valentine’s Day! A winter wedding is a perfect time to use deep colors like jade, emerald, silver, and brown.

Decorate with Candles

While candles are used somewhat sparingly in warm weather months, winter weddings are generally held inside and it makes them the perfect opportunity to use candles as part of your table decorations, at the buffet, and anywhere else you want to add a cozier look. Pair the candles with greenery and natural woods for a beautiful hint of the outdoors.

Think Warm Drinks

Consider a cinnamon hot chocolate, a hot toddy, warm apple cider, a hot buttered rum, or any other warm beverage that suits the mood.

Winter Flowers

While there are many flowers and natural items to choose from for your February wedding, there are some great winter choices to check out. These are- brunia berries (small silver balls), succulents, pinecones, wisteria, hypericum berries, evergreens, holly berries, and manzanita branches.

Wedding Favors

You can have a lot of fun with winter wedding favors! A few options include hot cocoa kits, mulling spices, candles, mugs, potpourri mixes with cinnamon, cloves, orange, and other winter smells, mittens/gloves, or even small lap or throw blankets.


Twinkle lights are beautiful year-round, but they are especially pretty for a February wedding as they bring in the feeling of the night sky. Incorporate them into flower arrangements by using battery-powered LEDs, hang them from the ceiling, make them a part of the tablescape, weave them into a canopy or create a winter scene all your own.

Create an Intimate Setting

Want a truly unique set-up for your February wedding? Rather than walking down an aisle with several rows of chairs to the left and right, consider setting the chairs up in a circle with just a single aisle to walk down. You and your significant other will be surrounded by your guests. At some point in the ceremony, you will need to swap sides/directions so that everyone can see the festivities.


Having a February wedding is a great opportunity to introduce less than traditional wedding fabrics. Consider choices like tweed, plaids, flannel, velvet, or cashmere to use as table runners, bows, wedding favor ribbons, vest, or throws for the bridal party or perhaps as napkins.


These are but a few ways to make your February wedding extra special. If you have questions about planning your wedding or need to reserve a space, be sure to talk to one of our Gala Events Facility planners. They will be glad to help.