When you are planning a wedding you have many decisions to make. Be it the menu for the caterers or the style of the bridesmaids’ dresses, you have so many ways to create the wedding that suits you. One such way is with your bridal bouquet.

No longer do bridal bouquets have to be simple greenery and roses. There’s nothing wrong with tradition (after all, what’s not to love about a winter wedding replete with reds, greens and the scent of balsam!) but thinking outside the box is more acceptable than ever before.

Bridal Bouquet Trends for 2023

Depending on your style or wedding theme, you will find a wide array of flowers and bouquet designs that can be used to set your wedding flowers apart from others. Whether you choose non-traditional greenery, flowers or some other element, you are only limited by your imagination (and perhaps the skill of your florist). 

When it comes to your wedding bouquet it all comes down to what kind of look do you want If you have not yet decided, then consider something inspired by these popular trends.

Non-Traditional White

While white roses and baby’s breath has been long-time faves, a great alternative to the white bouquet is to use other white flowers such as freesia and lily of the valley.

Go Boho

Rather than a large bridal bouquet overflowing with greenery, foliage and more, opt for a simpler style with minimal greens and a focus on a particular type of flower or color.


Rather than focusing on one color in the bouquet, why not choose a single gorgeous flower. Whether it is a large rose, a hydrangea, a sunflower or another large flower the single flower surrounded by ribbons and various pieces of greenery makes quite the statement.

Keep it Simple

Rather than a large bouquet, consider carrying 2-3 smaller, yet long-stemmed, flowers – carnations, roses, iris, or other flowers whose colors go with your wedding. These will show off your style and can often be a way to help stretch that decorating budget, too!

Ombre Cascades

Consider flowers that fade into each other in a bold cascade of color, rather than a bouquet that is a well-contained ‘circle’. The triangle effect of the cascading colors will be a striking element as you walk down the aisle as well as in pictures.

Pulling in Nature

From ferns or succulents as part of the greenery to incorporating smaller tree branches, using these unexpected natural elements is becoming quite popular.  

Unexpected Sparkle

Do you want some sparkle added to your bridal bouquet? You can do this via a piece of jewelry, by weaving in a glittery wire throughout the bouquet, or perhaps with the ribbon used with the bouquet. Regardless of how you choose to sparkle, it will definitely add some fun to your flowers.

Go Local

Choose flowers that are local, seasonal and authentic to your region. This, too, can help save on your cost while also showing off some ‘hometown’ pride. Better yet, if you can source flowers and greenery from your wedding site then that will add to the beauty of your wedding environment.

These eight ideas are all great ways to help set your wedding bouquet apart. Have ideas of your own or want to combine some of these to create your own unique style? No problem. Talk to one of our Gala Facility wedding specialists to get tips, ideas, and recommendations. We look forward to being a part of making your wedding day all you have dreamed it to be!