Wedding planning can be stressful. Sure, it is exciting, and seeing your vision come to life is wonderful. But there are many things to decide and accomplish between your engagement ring and getting your wedding ring.  It is those weeks and months between that often lead to what is known as Bride Brain!

Bride Brain is a real thing for many brides. It is a result of trying to do the tasks associated with wedding planning. All these tasks eventually catch up with your mental state causing many brides to simply shut down.

So, what can you do to minimize Bride Brain? Thankfully, there are various approaches to keep the stress of wedding planning at a minimum.

Tips for Avoiding Bride Brain

Hire a wedding planner or coordinator.

Gala Events Facility has the perfect solution to avoiding Bride Brain – hire one of our wedding pros. They can help you make the decisions, provide input, and lend their knowledge and experience so your wedding can be everything you have imagined.

Make a list

If you have a wedding planner book or app, chances are it has a timeline for when to do things. However, if you are still stressed out (or want to avoid the stress) create a timeline specific to your needs. Your wedding coordinator can help you rank tasks.

Get off social media.

Sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and others can be great for inspiration. But too much time spent there can cause you to have unrealistic expectations for your wedding. Keep Bride Brain at bay by determining to leave social media alone as your wedding date draws near.

Set boundaries

Don’t spend every waking minute thinking about your wedding. Set aside specific times to work on it. It might be one evening a week, only on Saturday afternoon, or some other approach but choosing to only do wedding stuff at a particular time will make you, and your significant other, happier.

Ask for help.

In addition to a wedding coordinator, don’t be afraid to reach out to your friends, family, and of course, your bridesmaids and ask for help. You can parcel numerous tasks out to help minimize Bride Brain occurring.

Decide to have fun.

Make time for being a couple. No wedding talk. Just fun dates or nights at home where you just enjoy hanging out. After all, that is why you want to be married, right? Be intentional in spending time together. Sure, you may dream about the future, but leave the wedding plans out of the talk.

Accept that no wedding is going to go perfectly according to plan.

You can check all the boxes on the lists, but on your wedding day, there is a probability something will go sideways. That’s ok. Accept it ahead of time. Do what you can to minimize the unexpected but determine to enjoy your day.


The Gala Events Facility has the team you need to keep Bride Brain away. Reach out to us today, to talk to one of our wedding coordinators.