While many brides have known for years exactly what they wanted to wear on The Day, this is not the case for everyone. Consequently, walking into a bridal store for the first time can be extremely overwhelming. There are so many styles, shades, fabrics, and more to choose from that it can be both stressful and fun. But, with some planning, finding the perfect wedding dress can be done- perhaps even in a single visit to the store!

Many factors contribute to finding the wedding dress for you- style, budget, timeline, preferred wedding venue- but there are ways to make choosing the perfect wedding dress a fun and stress-less filled activity.

Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Dress

  1. If possible, start your wedding dress shopping at least six months before your wedding day.
  2. Know your budget before you get started. This will help you narrow down the choices.
  3. Some stores require an appointment to try on dresses. Do your research so you can make appointments, if necessary.
  4. Keep things simple; only plan to visit three stores. This will make it easier to keep up with what you liked and where.
  5. Eat before you go. Trying on wedding dresses can be a bit of a workout!
  6. Take pictures of the dresses you really like as you try them on. Take photos of the tag for those dresses you especially like, so you know the price, maker, and what bridal store it is.
  7. Do some research to help narrow down what you like. There are numerous sites to do this on, but a favorite for many is Pinterest.
  8. Have your list of preferred features and dress style, but be open to something different. Many brides think they want one look, but when they start trying on dresses, it’s that one dress they didn’t think they would like that they fell in love with.
  9. Don’t stress over the size of the dress! Wedding gowns typically run two sizes larger than your everyday clothing.
  10. Think carefully about who comes to who is wedding dress shopping with you. You want people who will be honest with you while stepping back and letting you make the ultimate decision. Recognize that you will be the center of attention for the day. This attention can be overwhelming. Having the right people with you can minimize the intensity of emotion.
  11. Don’t wear much make-up. You don’t want to get make-up on a dress! Plus, you will likely wear your make-up differently on your wedding day.
  12. Bring along a pair of shoes similar to what you will wear on your wedding day so you can get a sense of how the dress will look from head to toe.
  13. Where the right undergarments! Plan to wear nude or light-colored undies and a strapless bra, so you can get a good idea of how the dress looks- without the leopard print underneath! Also, if you plan to wear shapewear on your wedding day, bring it along.

Selecting the perfect wedding dress doesn’t have to be overwhelming- chances are, you will get ‘all the feels’! But even with all the emotions, finding the perfect dress for your big day can be a time of wonderful memories. So, do the planning, grab your people, and have fun.

If you have other wedding-related questions, contact one of the event coordinators at Gala Events Facility. They will be happy to help make your wedding day dreams come true.