Weddings are exciting, wonderful, and beautiful yet they can also be stressful, thought-provoking, and overwhelming. But that is all a part of planning your wedding. As you begin working on your wedding To-Do list, chances are you will have many questions. Some of them will be fairly easy to answer while others may be more difficult.

However, there are some questions that are more common than others. So, to help you along the path of wedding planning we have collected some of the most common questions about planning a wedding.

FAQs When Planning Your Wedding

Ready to plan your wedding? Then here are the FAQs you will want to know.

1.     Is there an expected wait time before you should begin planning your wedding? Start planning your wedding as early as you wish. In fact, the earlier you can start the less likely you are to deal with last-minute stress later on. Also, you will have a better chance of getting the items, dress, caterer, venue, etc. that you want.

2.      Do I have to have a set number of people in the bridal party? Do I have to have traditional roles? It’s your wedding. You may choose any number of attendants you want- be it 0 or a dozen. And, if you don’t want a maid of honor or best man- no worries-again, it’s your day.

3.     What is the best way to get the most from my wedding budget? It’s the little details that typically make the biggest impression. Look for little things you can do to add some extra pizzazz to your day.

4.     When should I send out Save the Date cards? Again, earlier is better. Ideally, they should be sent 6-8 months in advance as this helps out of towners make arrangements early on.

5.     When planning a destination wedding, are there specific elements to be aware of? Absolutely! If it is a destination wedding outside the U.S. then be sure you are clear on the legal requirements. After all, you want to be sure everything is above board. Secondly, be certain to send out your Save the Date card and invitations earlier than normal as this gives people time to make travel arrangements and save for the trip. Lastly, make time to plan and select people such as caterers, drivers, photographers, etc. If at all possible, visit the venue early enough to do the research yourself. If that is not possible, spend time reading reviews, making phone calls, and talking to anyone you can about your potentially chosen location.

6.     How do I choose a wedding color? When you begin planning your wedding, one of the first things to do is select what color(s) you want. Need help? We have a few ideas here.

Fortunately, in planning a wedding you don’t have to go it alone. The team here at Gala is always happy to help. Our team has many years of experience in wedding planning and can help you navigate the course from engagement to wedding day with ease.