Living in Marietta, or the surrounding areas means finding a place to have pictures taken isn’t difficult. However, with so many options, it can be challenging to narrow it down. Although the location of the engagement photos session isn’t the most important part of the wedding, you still want to select a place(s) that represents who you are as a couple.

Tips for Choosing a Location for Your Engagement Photos

Choose a Place that Represents You as a Couple

Where do you like to go? Do enjoy trying new restaurants or coffee shops? Maybe you love the beach or the mountains. Perhaps, you are most at ease at home. Or maybe, you would rather spend your time visiting local nurseries and gardens. If you don’t think you have a specific place that represents you, talk to friends or family- chances are, they will be able to help you narrow it down.

Where did you meet? Get engaged? Where was the first kiss?

Did you meet in college, at a wedding, or perhaps you are both from the same town? Then you may want to have your engagement photo session at the place that shows where it all began. It may be the place where you first kissed, said I love you, or some other “first”. Beyond where you met, if you did not have pictures taken at the time of the proposal, you may want to go back (if possible) to the place where you got engaged.

What do you want to wear?

There’s no wrong look for engagement photos! So, think about the outfit(s) you want to wear for the engagement session, then pick a location.


This applies to both the time of year and the time of day. If you have sunset/sunrise pictures in mind then be sure to talk to your photographer about the best time to get the most perfect pictures. The time of year might also be affected by what you wish to wear or any scenery you want, consider all the parts of the engagement photos session.

Be sure the place suits your needs

If you have kids or pets to include in the engagement photos? Be sure the location allows pets/kids. Also, check with your wedding venue. Many times, they are open for use for engagement photos, too.

What do you plan on using the engagement photos for?

Are the pics just for you or will you use them on Save the Date or Wedding invites? If they are to be used for an invitation, you may need to schedule your engagement photos session sooner rather than later. Also, determining how the pics will be used will help you decide what you will wear, and can help set the tone for the wedding.

As we specialize in events of every type, the Gala Events Facility has many beautiful areas for picture taking, whether you want something formal or an outdoor area. If you need help determining a location for your engagement photos or finding a photographer, be sure to talk to one of our event coordinators. They have a great deal of knowledge about all things wedding and would love to help plan your big day. Contact us today.