Baby showers, Mitzvahs and wedding-related events, anniversary celebrations, and retirement parties – these are all events that are a part of life. But in a world where event planning as we once knew it has changed, it might be a bit challenging to determine the actions needed to plan an event. However, it is still possible to have maximum fun and minimal failure (if any at all!) through careful event planning.

5 Tips for Event Planning

As one of the Atlanta area’s premier event venues, the Gala Events team has plenty of experience in event planning, and even with the pandemic, we are still here helping you craft the perfect celebration. To help you along the event planning journey, here a few tips to keep in mind:


What type of event are you planning? This will help determine your theme, budget, how long to book a venue for, any specific elements you want to be included, and how much room you will likely want for your day. Knowing this can help stave off chaos along the way. After all, the goal is to have fun, not be stressed out on event day!

Save the Date

Be sure to book your event venue early and let people know of your celebration well in advance. Once you have a date and venue selected and secured, then you can design an event planning schedule to ensure everything gets done – without being stressed out with last-minute things that were forgotten or overlooked.


No one likes to talk about money but it is a key factor in event planning. Knowing what you have to work with will help you determine which elements you can maximize and where to look for ways to save.  Keep in mind that with most event planning, the venue and the food will typically be the biggest part of the budget. If you need help securing a caterer, be sure to talk to your Gala event planner as they can help you make a selection.

Virtual Elements

Due to the pandemic, many events are looking for ways to go hybrid. Whether it is having Zoom set up so remote guests can interact with those present, hosting a Facebook Live event during the celebration, or hiring a Virtual Emcee to make the interaction between in-person attendees and remote attendees more fun, there are many ways to include everyone you want to be invited for the event.


Just because ‘touching’ is being avoided by many, doesn’t mean that showing off your style, and including that of your guests has to be omitted from event planning.  Think about ways you can make your event more personalized through the party favors given, food served, décor, and any other elements or activities that allow people who attend to know that they matter.

Event planning doesn’t have to be difficult! By taking time to determine in advance aspects like size, budget, location, and activities (both in-person and virtual) you can still have a great event. Not certain you can pull it off? No problem! The Gala Events Facility event staff is here to help. We have the tools, skills, and location perfect for all your needs. Contact the Gala team today to start planning your big day.