Tips for a Happy Marriage

We are always talking about getting married, getting ready for the actual ceremony and the time leading up to the ceremony.   What about some tips on how to keep your marriage happy and healthy.   Remember, tips and habits are only effective if you follow through with them. Work them and keep them fresh in your mind at most all times.   Following are some tips to help you do just that:

1.Express gratitude every day.  Remember to let your spouse/significant other know that they are appreciated (even for the little things).  We often let the ones we love the most to go un-noticed and without praise or appreciation.   This step can also help you look for the good things in your relationship over always focusing on what is difficult or not so good.

2.Kiss every day.   This kiss should be more than a quick peck on the cheek or mouth.  This kiss should be longer in nature and will help you to feel connected to each other as well as keep the intimacy in your marriage.


3.Talk about your day, every day.   This allows for better communication between each of you.  It also means that you have to listen, be open and honest and involved as well as you should receive the same from your partner.   This is non-negotiable and is needed for a happy, healthy relationship – it will also help you to stay focused on each other and grow together instead of apart.


Are you starting to see a pattern?   These things should be done every day – no exception.   Good habits and practices are only instilled by practicing them daily.   (This is also true for work habits – practicing the good ones daily is how you build better work ethics as well as relationship ethics)


4.Prioritize.   Make your marriage your priority and make sure that you communicate that with your partner.   When making decisions (away from your partner) make sure to ask yourself if the decision you are making will move you away from your partner or be harmful in any way… if so, either do not make the decision without your partner or choose the path that does not harm your relationship.


5.Wait to make decisions until you can talk about them privately.   This means that you have an prior agreement with your partner to not accept invitations, tasks, or other big decisions until you are both in agreement or you can at least talk about them together.   This will help you to avoid many disagreements and arguments.


6.Maintain the fun and flirty side of the relationship.   Marriage is a lot like a marathon.   You will get tired and in need of motivation to keep going.   Marriages need this as well and keeping the fun in a relationship can help you do that.


7.Accept each other’s differences.   If you were in a relationship with someone just like you, I bet you would be bored.   Remember that the differences in your spouse are probably what attracted you to them at first.   Allow each other to have their own interests and friendships but also focus and develop interests that you both have in common to help bring you together as well.


These tips may be easy for you or seem very difficult.   If you are starting from scratch, try adding a new one each week.   Practice one each week and add a new one weekly.   These tips will hopefully allow you to remain connected to your partner and handle the difficult times easier.

We, at Gala Events Facility, enjoy every minute of our time with our wedding couples, but we also hope that each couple continues to remain in love and grow old and happy together!