If the past year has taught us anything, it is that life can change quickly. Due to the pandemic, people all around the globe have had to accept that plans and life as we knew it, changed. Of the many activities and events that were affected, planning (and having) a wedding became a bit stressful and many couples found themselves figuring out how to plan a small wedding.

If you, like many other couples in 2020, find yourself needing to plan a more small wedding rather than the bigger more elaborate celebration you had once anticipated, it can seem a bit daunting. After all, how do you decide what aspects to keep, which ones to modify, and which ones are not truly needed? If you should find yourself trying to determine the “must-haves” for your wedding, then there are actions you can take to still have the wedding you dreamed of- just slightly modified.

Tips for Planning a Small Wedding

Plan Your Guest List Intentionally

Look through your texts and calls from the past 2-3 months. Who are the most contacted people? Chances are, these are the people you will want at your wedding. And, more than likely, these people are your family members and closest friends.

Find a Small Space Within the Venue

While having plenty of space is a must, having a large space with a small group of people can feel empty. Talk to the event planners at your chosen venue to see if there is a space that works for a smaller party but doesn’t make you feel like you are missing a lot of guests.

Pay Attention to Decorative Details

When having a small wedding it is especially important to pay extra attention to the details because these will add warmth and ambiance to the wedding. And, since you are saving money by having a shorter guest list, you can invest a little more in the venue space. Think about the lights, plants, fabrics, and anything else that makes the space feel cozy as well as romantic.

Minimize the Reception

Rather than a long reception with hours of dancing, consider a shorter one with a nice dinner or heavy appetizers. The option of a sit-down meal lends itself to warmth and intimacy and by having less time for dancing you don’t risk having an awkwardly empty dance floor.

Forego the Wedding Party

Instead of having to figure out whom to have in your wedding, opt to have only your closest friends and family members at your wedding. Also, be very strict about plus-ones as that can quickly increase the number of people included.

Go Virtual

Talk to your wedding coordinator or your Gala event planner to learn what steps need to be taken to set up your wedding as a virtual event through a platform such as Zoom. This way, people can still be a part of your special day.

Have Two Events

Have a small wedding ceremony with just your closest friends and family, then either have a larger reception in a bigger venue or consider planning a large event several months down the road where you can have all the people you would have invited for a large event.

Downsizing your wedding plans might not have been your original dream but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful wedding. If you find yourself downsizing your original wedding plans and need some help, be sure to talk to one of our Gala Facility wedding planners. We would love to help you plan your perfect day.