Your bridesmaids play an important role in your wedding. They are there to help you with all the many tasks associated with wedding planning and the wedding day – be it helping with addressing the invitations to hosting parties, making toasts, and dancing at the wedding. So, how do you say thanks in a tangible and special manner to your bridesmaids? With a bridesmaids’ gift that expresses just that.

The bridesmaid’s gifts may be sentimental, silly, or significant as it is all about expressing to your bridesmaids that they are special to you and that you truly value them. They are more than just someone you went to school or camp with, they are in some form – be it by birth or by your choosing- your family. They are the people who have stood by your side sharing in the tears, the laughter, the work, and the play.

Selecting the Perfect Bridesmaids’ Gifts

Choosing the perfect bridesmaids’ gifts might feel a bit daunting. To help out, here are some ideas to help you determine what item(s) will be perfect bridesmaids’ gifts.

Monogrammed Items

Monogrammed bridesmaids’ gifts are one of the oldest wedding gift-giving traditions and goes back several centuries. Be it a necklace and pendant, an accessory such as a silk scarf or bag, wine glasses or travel mugs, monogrammed items are always popular bridesmaids’ gifts.

Alcohol-Related Items

Perhaps one of the most popular options- not to mention one of the easiest- is that of wine or liquor. You may choose to get each bridesmaid a bottle of their favorite wine, plan a wine tasting party, or have customized items such as cheese boards, wine glasses, shot glasses, or tumblers.

Customized ‘Boxes’

Whether you opt for a chic metal bin filled with items specific to each of your bridesmaids, or an elaborate basket or bag that contains items like chocolate, their favorite candies, perfume, lotion, candles, and other self-care items, a personalized gift box makes a great bridesmaids’ gift sure to make all the recipients smile.


Make the wedding day even more special with fun pajamas to wear while getting ready. From silk PJ sets with matching robes to fun fuzzy pajama sets and socks, there are many choices to help make these fun bridesmaids’ gifts.


A longtime favorite for bridesmaids’ gifts, jewelry is always a great way to let your bridal party know how much they mean to you. Whether you opt for pieces that match their wedding attire or individual pieces that have been personalized to express what they mean to you, jewelry is a wonderful gift for all your bridesmaids.

Choosing your bridesmaids’ gifts can be a lot of fun. Don’t stress over it, trust your heart- after all these are people you know well. So, enjoy yourself and all the activities leading up to your big day. And, as always, if you have any questions or concerns about planning your perfect wedding, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Gala Events Facility team. We are here for you.