Planning your wedding can be an exciting part of your life, but it can also be a time where stress is also a big part of the process. After all, you are trying to balance your dreams with your budget, looking for ways to make your wedding unique from the others and hoping to get all the facets – caterer, photographer, florist, bridal venue, etc. – to cooperate and simply be available. All of these elements can quickly take the fun out of the wedding planning process!

So, how do you make it through your engagement period without succumbing to stress? Is it even possible for wedding planning? Believe it or not, planning your wedding doesn’t have to mean stress. And to help you out, here are some tips for avoiding stress from wedding planning pros.

Tips for Wedding Planning Without Stress

Stay Organized

Be it a physical binder with dividers for each element of your wedding, a wedding planning app, or the Notes feature of a mobile device, staying organized is a must for minimizing stress. Some great free tools to help with the organization are ChecklistGuest List, and Budget.

Hire a Team You Trust

Choosing a team that understands what you want is a must. These people will help you along and keep you on track. Better yet, they can also handle some of those situations where you might feel a bit overwhelmed, so you can focus on something else. Also, don’t be afraid to delegate wedding tasks. After all, you probably have people who would be happy to help you!

Have Deadlines

From choosing your invitations to selecting a caterer, there are many facets that have to be in place early when planning a wedding. However, everyone has different needs and engagement periods. So, as soon as you have your date set for your wedding, sit down and chart out when each aspect of your wedding should be done (a wedding planner can help with this, or find a checklist online that works for you) – then stick to the deadline.


Be sure that when dealing with any vendors, that you don’t just tell them what you want, but that you show them as well. From pictures of the type of flower arrangement to using a Pantone color swatch to be sure the linens match, the more information you can give those involved with your wedding the better.


As much as possible, book as many services as you can with a single vendor. So, if you can get lighting, flowers, tables, chairs, and place settings all from the same place this will be easier than hiring one company for each aspect. Better yet, it will often cost less this way, too!

Have a “No Wedding Planning Talk” Time

While communication is a must, it can also be overwhelming to constantly talk about wedding plans. Decide from the outset to a “no wedding talk” time.  Whether it is a “no wedding talk at dinner”, “wedding- free Wednesday”, or some other time, having a specific time-frame where you focus on something not wedding related will help you step away from everything and return to the topic with a better perspective.

Planning for your big day is supposed to be fun, so don’t let stress ruin your day. The team at Gala Events Facility is here to help you take your dreams and make them a reality. We understand the ins and outs of wedding planning and know ‘what to do if’. Our Gala staff will be there to help you plan every step of the way so you don’t have to worry. Give us a call today to get started on your wedding plans!