When it comes to saying thanks, especially in the form of a card, many of us struggle. It’s not that we don’t appreciate the gift, but sometimes finding the right way to say can be a challenge. Also, if there were multiple gifts received at an event such as a wedding or graduation, then it can be an overwhelming and daunting.

However, this doesn’t have to be a daunting difficult. Here are some tips to make the “Thank You Note” writing process a bit easier.

Steps to Thank You Note Writing

Though not part of the writing process, these first two tips will make things easier:

·      Unless the event at which you received gifts was a surprise, ask the organizer to set out the cards and envelopes along with some pens, and ask guests to address the envelopes the day of the party. This way, you don’t have to contact people to ask them for their mailing address later on.

·      Be sure that someone is taking reliable notes about what gift(s) come from what person, to avoid having to play a guessing game later on.

When actually writing the card……

·      Don’t put them off! Ideally, you need to send a Thank you note within a few days (max a week) from the day of the event. The exception to this is wedding gifts or baby showers after the baby is born, in which case sending the card within a few weeks to as much as 2-3 months is acceptable.

·      Keep it simple. Thank you notes do not have to be some long drawn out project. You merely need to address the gift giver, thank them for the gift -mention what it was specifically-and make a comment regarding how the gift will be (or has been) used. Close with another word of ‘thanks’ and you are done.

·      Though text and email are good alternatives for sending a Thank You Note, they are not always the best – especially if a more formal response is appropriate. In the case of a hand-written note, be sure to take time to write clearly and legibly.

·      Think about the recipient of the note. If you don’t know the person rather well, then a sarcastic or humorous card might not be your best choice. In such case, you might opt for a blank card or a simple thank you card.

·      Be sure to spell people’s names correctly.

·      If you decide to attach a gift as part of the thank you, be sure it is something that is appropriate for them and their interests – not a way for you to promote yourself or something you like.

It should also be noted that thank you notes are not just nice to write for gifts. If your event is held at a venue, it is always great to write and thank them for the use of their space. Especially if they go above and beyond to ensure your day is a success.

Writing Thank You notes doesn’t have to be overwhelming and difficult. Simply be yourself and let people know you appreciate their taking the time to give you a gift on your special day. Don’t put it off – you’ve got this!