MS Awareness Month

ms ribbonsMultiple Sclerosis is the most common neurological disorder in young adults – it is an autoimmune disease of the central nervous system. This disorder causes reduced communication between the brain and nerve pathways – this can lead to visual problems, overwhelming fatigue, difficulty with balance and coordination and impaired mobility.   If you are experiencing any neurological difficulties that you cannot explain, please contact your physician for a consult.

Here are some statistics about MS…

  • More than 2.5 million people worldwide are thought to have some form of multiple sclerosis
  • An estimated 400,000 people in the United States are thought to have MS
  • More than twice as many women as men have MS
  • Most people are between 15 and  60 years of age when diagnosed with MS, although it can also occur in  young children and significantly older adults
  • MS is more common in Caucasians  and people of Northern European descent, but people from all backgrounds  can be diagnosed with MS