New Wedding Trends

I thought I would start a small series of trends that the wedding/event  scene is seeing for 2023. This can help you to be up to date with new ideas, color schemes, and other information for planning your wedding or event.

Laser cut invitations are the rage right now. They have a very detailed presentation which captures the eye of the recipient and adds a personal touch to a normally one dimensional piece of paper. There are many websites which offer different options and the ability to personalize using a photo of yourselves or incorporate your engagement photos. You can always check with your photographer for options they can provide or if they have any recommendations. You can also do shopping on line and create the invitation on your own and have them delivered to your home. Many companies are providing these options at a pretty reasonable price!

Another invitation option is to use calligraphy – there are more modern versions of this type of handwriting and it always gives the appearance of elegance, sophistication and that personal touch. Find someone that has a pretty handwriting already and see if you can locate any short classes or tutorials on line for them to learn from and add this special touch to your invitations.

One other trend is keeping your guests updated with information through the web. Computers have taken over and they are even finding their way into the wedding/event  world! Everyone is on the computer these days and there are applications (like WebSocial) which provide your guests with updated information and photo-sharing capabilities as well.

Remember, Gala Event Facility, is a wedding venue that allows you to personalize your wedding and decorate as you wish. We offer a la carte wedding options  or all inclusive packages. Call our Manager, Kathi Bland, to find out more on how we can help you make this the event of your dreams!