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It’s Prom Season

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The Prom is probably one of the biggest moments in high school.   You have to decide if you are going to have a date or go alone, what to wear, where to go before or after, and so many other important decisions.   I wanted to dedicate this blog to fun and interesting ways to ask someone to the prom – whether or not as a date or a friend.

  •  Social media is a big part of our culture these days and you could create a video by yourself or with friends to ask your date in an inventive way.
  • Send flowers with a note attached – all girls love flowers and I think boys even appreciate them at times!
  • Say it with balloons – either attach balloons to their car with the question written on it or have your friends hold balloons which spell out the question.
  • Decorate a locker and have the question inside their locker – it may take getting their friends in on this one!
  • Decorate their room – however, you will definitely need their parent’s permission on this one!
  • Use sidewalk chalk on their driveway or shoe polish on their car
  • Send them some cupcakes or cookies with the question spelled out on each one.

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