Centerpieces are a huge part of a wedding. They are a crucial element that will bring the entire look of the reception together. For the “Do-It-Yourself” Bride, centerpieces are also a creative outlet- allowing them to put a very personal touch to their reception.

At Gala our staff has seen some creative ideas, and stunning centerpieces. We have seen floral arrangements, fruit inspired centerpieces, and even individualized cakes replaced as the décor of the table. For whatever you decide to do, there is no need to break the bank to get an elegant centerpiece.
A popular centerpiece that I am going to display today is one that Gala creates for many of guests. This centerpiece can be used for many different events and special occasions. It’s the submerged floral centerpiece with a floating candle.

sub flowers

As you can see from the picture above, this elegant centerpiece is simple yet creates a lot of impact. Another plus is that its very easy to design!

To create this elegant look all you need are 5 simple items- a silk flower, clear rocks, a cylinder glass vase, a floating candle, and water!

(Note that you can choose any silk flower. What is great about silk floral is that when submerged in water it tricks the eye into looking real. If you choose a silk flower that has a lot of color, make sure to soak the flower in cold water for about an hour the week before the event, to bleed any loose colors.)

Step 1: Take the flower and inserting the flower into the glass vase.

(Note: Many silk flowers come with a long stem. To get the flower to sit in the glass, coil the stem so that the flower can sit about an inch below from the top.) 

Step 2: Add the rocks to the vase. The rocks will secure down the stems of the flower, so that the flower does not float when the water is added. The rocks will also hide the stem for a more attractive look.

(Note: The rocks may need to be washed a couple of times after purchasing, to ensure that no dust or grime with dirty the water of the centerpiece)

Step 3:  Add water to completely submerge the flower. You want the water to be about ¼ of an inch from the top of the glass.

(Note: Always add cold water to the centerpiece to keep the glass from fogging)

Step 4:  Add the floating candle.

(Note:  For easy prep, these centerpieces can be made days in advance and stored in boxes, for easy wedding day setup. Water can always be added the day of the event. The floating candle should be added right before lighting so that it can easily catch fire.)

The centerpiece is beautifully, elegant, and cost effective! A simple mirror and candles can be added to give more of an effect, but if you are looking for a easy centerpiece that is a fraction of the cost of live floral, then consider the submerged silk!