Professional Wedding Venues

There are a few key moments in everyone’s life that are burned into the back of your mind forever. Whether they be moments of great travesty or moments of greatest tribulation, they are something that will stick with you for the rest of your life. My greatest fear was that my Wedding Night would fall apart in one way or another, and be something I looked back on for the rest of my life and cringe a little bit. I am happy to say that with the help from Connie and Pam from the Gala Events Facility, I can instead look back on my Wedding Day and smile. Honestly, Gala Events Facility ticked off every single box I could have ever wanted for planning our big day. Not only is the venue absolutely beautiful in style and design, but also extremely affordable. We visited MANY, MANY venues prior to finding out about Gala, and were on the verge of just giving up and eloping. However, after our very first meeting and quote session with Gala we were absolutely sold! Most of the previous venues we visited lured you in with cheap venue prices, but then absolutely nail you to the wall with mandatory food / catering minimums. I am happy to say that this was not the case at all with Gala Events Facility. Just as a comparison point, our Gala Wedding of 50 people cost a fraction of what the other venues were charging. The same size wedding, at the four venues we visited before that? Minimum $20,000, with massive mandatory catering minimums. Gala Events Facility was less than HALF THE PRICE of the other venues we viewed, which is absolutely amazing for what Gala provides. The venue isn’t small, but it is intimate in size, so if you have an absolutely huge wedding guest list than you may need to search elsewhere. However, our wedding was 50 people and we still had plenty of room for more. While intimate in size it more than makes up for it by being an absolute visual feast. Watching my wife walk down the aisle towards me, outside in the cool November air with the fall leaves and flower petals flowing around her, is a memory that will stick with me for the rest of my life. That moment of perfection was made possible by the hard working people of Gala Events Facility. Speaking of Hard working people, Pam and Connie are 50% of the reason you need to go with Gala for your wedding. A beautiful wedding venue means nothing if you can’t actually pull off the wedding planning to make it happen. They were both there each and every step of the way with suggestions, tips and tricks to cut costs, and a firm hand to keep us focusing on the important tasks. In fact, Connie was even there on our wedding day itself to keep the event rolling along smoothly. No wedding is perfect, and there will be mistakes….Unless you have Connie steering the wheel of your Wedding Ship. She steered us clear of every iceberg, every rocky shore, and it was smooth sailing the whole way. I am sure there were small mistakes that happen at every wedding, but Connie was a complete professional who fixed each and every one of them without the Bride and Groom even noticing. I honestly did not notice a single mistake, and that is the mark of a true professional wedding venue and coordinator. I know I have rambled on for quite a while, and honestly I could keep going for several more pages if you let me…I just want to clearly impress upon you how much of a positive experience I had with Gala Events Facility.