Did you know? According to a report by Wedding Wire, 54% of couples create a designated wedding hashtag.

Wedding hashtags have been popular for quite a while now, and while not every couple chooses to use them, the hashtag is a fun way to make your day extra special and to capture moment that your or your photographer may have missed. This is where a wedding hashtag becomes valuable.

Do You Need a Wedding Hashtag?

Is a wedding hashtag truly necessary; after all, won’t you have memories and the pics everyone will take? Well, yes, you will have those but having a hashtag makes it easier to locate them on various social media platforms. In addition, your hashtag means you see pics as soon as they are uploaded by guests, rather than waiting 6-8 weeks on your photographer to get the pics back to you or having to hunt down guests to see if there are any additional pictures you want to have and then waiting for them to send them to you!

Tips for Choosing a Wedding Hashtag

  • Brainstorm – Not sure where to start? Talk to friends and family and see what ideas they pitch. You can also do a poll on social media, or talk to your event planner(s) to get their input. The more people you have helping you determine a hashtag the easier it will be to narrow it down to perfect one.
  • Don’t use hashtag generators! – While there are many tools out there to create hashtags, for your special day you want something more original than #SmithPartyOf2.
  • Look at your names– Sometimes a mashup of your names is all you need to create the perfect hashtag for your wedding and all that goes with it.
  • Be punny – Make your wedding hashtag something that is amusing and embraces word play. Be it alliterating, something that rhymes, or synonyms. If possible, opt for a wedding hashtag that is clever and easy to remember.
  • Think outside the box – Your hashtag doesn’t have to be your names. You may find that using a song title, a favorite common activity, nicknames or any other element you have in common works perfectly.
  • Keep it short –If you can keep it to no more than 16 characters not including the # symbol great! However, remember that Instagram auto-populates it after one use so it only takes one posted pic to make it easy for guests to tag you.
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word – This is more about the ease of reading as well as ensure that people get the joke or pun. Just FYI, your hashtag will work, regardless of if it is all lowercase or a mix of upper and lower.
  • Check it out – Before you start sending out invitations and other event notices with your hashtag on it, be sure to go to the various social platforms and run a search for your particular hashtag. If there are results for other non-wedding related events, you are still good to go. However, if you see other weddings with the same tag then choose something else.
  • Identify the venue – If you need a way to make your hashtag standout and puns and mashups aren’t working for you, oftentimes including the wedding venue will help. For instance, #JonAndBethAtGala.

Creating a wedding hashtag that is simple, fun and distinctive will make it easy for you to track down all the pics from your big day. And, when you are trying to see all your pics, you will be glad you took the time to choose a wedding hashtag. Talk to the Gala Events team to see if they have any suggestions. We would love to help you!