wedding registry table at Gala Events facility

Tips for Creating Your Wedding Registry

Getting married is exciting, but it also comes with a bit of work. From selecting the invitations, deciding on a menu, choosing the venue, and the myriad of other details that go into making your big day special, it seems there are many lists to be addressed. However, of those many activities, putting together your wedding registry doesn’t have to be stressful- in fact, it can be quite fun and a great way to dream about your life together as a married couple.

The concept of the wedding registry began in 1924 when Marshal Fields, now known as Macy’s, introduced the bridal registry as a way for a couple to let friends and family know what china, silver, and crystal patterns they wanted. Of course, most of today’s couples have moved beyond asking for these original gift types, and the items, and type of registry, have changed significantly- but a wedding registry is still a great way to help a couple get those items they don’t have yet, or even help with larger purchases and expenses.

7 Tips for Creating a Wedding Registry

Developing a wedding registry is a practical task that helps both the couple and the guests- especially at a time when many couple are having to downsize- or postpone- their wedding plan. Having a gift registry will make it easier for people to be a part of the day, and to let you as a couple know you matter. So here are some tips for putting together your wedding registry:

  • Register early – Do your wedding registry between four and six months before the wedding. This gives friends and family plenty of time to make purchases, as well as making it easier for engagement party and shower guests to plan ahead.
  • Don’t go overboard – Stick to two or three stores you both love.
  • Have variety – As you select items for your wedding registry, choose items that range in price from low to high. Remember, not everyone has the same shopping budget but that doesn’t mean they don’t still want to be a part of your day.
  • Think outside the box – Don’t just choose sets of items, such as cookware sets, linens, etc. Rather, have individual items like a specific type of pan, size, and color of sheets needed, towels, and other items that can be purchased individually.
  • Be creative – Many couples today already have many of the standard household items. If this is you, then consider setting up a gift registry like the Honeyfund, Envelope, or ThirstyNest.
  • Craft the wedding registry together – In many cases, the groom may not care a great deal about the types of flowers or dresses used for the wedding, but when it comes to outfitting the home things are likely to change. Make it fun by having a wedding registry date day and pick out those gift items together.
  • All in one place – Make it easy for guests to find your wedding registries. If you are registered in several stores or websites, make it easy for your guests to see all your wishes in one place (plus it is easier for you to track things). Consider a site like Blueprint or Zola so that guests can contribute individually, as a group, with gift cards, gifts, and more.

Crafting your wedding registry doesn’t need to be a stressful event. It is a fun activity that lets you focus on life after the wedding- just enjoy yourselves. Then, step back and let our event planners at Gala help make your special day everything you dreamed.