Planning a wedding, especially one of any size, takes time. Sure, you might be able to put something together in a few days, but having the wedding you have always dreamed about requires time…and likely some patience. One way you can lessen wedding planning stress is by purchasing a wedding planner.

However, a wedding planner book will not replace the knowledge, connections, and insight of working with an event coordinator from Gala Facility. But having a wedding planner book will provide a place for you to jot down ideas, questions, and concerns as you prepare for your big day. So, choosing the book perfect for your needs is important.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Planner Book

There are a variety of wedding planners on the market, and any of them can get you from the planning stages to the Big Day. However, while they all accomplish the same task, not all wedding planners are created equal. As you choose a wedding planner book, keep the following aspects in mind:

Know how you approach tasks

Are a you list maker or do you just do things as they occur to you? Some brides need a book that gives specific checklists while others simply need a place to keep them on track and jot down ideas as they occur.

What type of wedding do you want?

Big, small, private, destination wedding, etc.? Depending on your style, look for a wedding planner book that will help you make plans for your unique circumstances and choices.

Does the wedding planner book have all the right lists and provide plenty of writing space? 

No matter the size of your wedding, having a place to write your thoughts, create and keep track of the budget, write down the wedding guest list, and make notes regarding caterers, florists, venues, etc. will be invaluable. Be sure whatever book you select provides room for all the elements you want in your wedding.

Do you want additional tools included? 

For instance, some wedding planner books such as those by Happy Planner or Erin Condren can be expanded with different size pages where you can jot down notes, and can even be customized to suit your wedding colors or style.

What about Stickers? 

It might sound childish, but there is something fun about using stickers as you plan your wedding. Plus, the stickers can help you keep up with what is completed on your Wedding To-Do List. If you want to be able to customize or color code your stickers, consider some like these.

It should be noted that while a wedding planner book is a wonderful tool, some brides prefer to keep everything in e-form. Some great apps and websites are-

By using a wedding planner book, some stickers, and working with one of our event coordinators, you can have the wedding you have always wanted. So find a book -or even an app- that offers you the planning materials you need, talk to one of our pros at Gala and start planning your big day. We can’t wait to see what you have in mind!