Planning a wedding for next year? Then you have a long list of decisions to make, and many of them will revolve around the color scheme for your wedding. And, while virtually any color combination you choose will be great and show off your personality, it might be difficult to decide what colors will best strike the mood that you are wanting to espouse.  To help out, we have compiled a list of the wedding color trends for 2020.

The Top 2020 Wedding Color Trends


The pastel, gender-neutral shade of green is at the top of the list for wedding color trends. Because of its muted undertones, it is a soft romantic color, and as a green it represents new beginnings and growth – the perfect tone for a wedding! It works well with any other secondary color so pairing it with bridesmaids dresses and your wedding bouquet is easy.

Purist Blue

As a sunny blue that makes one think of the ocean or a wide blue expanse of sky. It is representative of trust, stability, optimism, and security. It is a timeless wedding color choice that works well with softer colors or bold ones alike.  To give it an extra bump, consider combining it with a light gray or alabaster. To create contrast, consider a dark aqua or a steel gray.


This wedding color has been a popular choice for a long time, but it has become especially trendy with the use of so many florals and natural elements being used in weddings. It is a great contrast to softer tones such as dusty blue, light blue, rose gold, or sage green or compliments black or deep blues.


Viewed by Pantone as being an upbeat theme for a summer wedding, cantaloupe is a balance of the red-yellow of orange with the softness of cream. It is a balance between the physical and mental aspects of a person and is a very gender-neutral color that works for any event.

Mellow Yellow

No not the drink, but rather a fun, softer shade of mustard. Many believe it will be the next Millennial pink. While the name, Mellow Yellow, implies laid back and relaxed it actually is a color that stimulates creativity and mental activity and taps into one’s emotional response because of its energy.


While this has long been a common color for an evening wedding, it is now finding its way into daytime weddings as well. It works for both traditional and modern weddings no matter what the season. And it can be paired with any color making it especially versatile and fun.

So, there you have it. Some of the hottest wedding color trends for 2020. If you still have questions about the use of color or other decisions to make regarding your wedding, then contact one of our Gala Facility event planners. They can help you work through your many wedding details and create the wedding you have always dreamed about. Contact us today!