Wedding Invitations Etiquette Tips

Sometimes, a wedding invitation does not provide enough information to your guests and it ends up creating more questions for them that you have to provide information for.   For example, if you are having your wedding away from your home, like the beach, where are the closest accommodations?   Are children allowed at the wedding?   What is the appropriate dress?   — and many more.

Having another information sheet included in your invitation can be helpful and does not have to create extra expenses.   If you print it off your computer on a nice colored piece of paper, it can be pretty and informative as well as cost effective.   On this information sheet, you may want to provide some of the following:

*Directions to the wedding site – do not assume that people have mobile phone applications or GPS systems to get them to your wedding.    Provide some area landmarks and simple directions.   Maybe even include maps of local train depots and airports as well.

*Details of parking at the venue or local transportation and/or shuttle information and possible taxi information as well.

*Local hotel and B&B information.   If your reception is being held at a hotel, reduced rates should have been negotiated for your guests and provide them with those rates and options as well.

*Preference for appropriate attire should be mentioned – if you are wanting Black tie then it should be specified.

*Policy on whether or not children are allowed and any accommodations that are available for them.

*A request for any special diets/allergies for the host(s) to know about.

*What time the event is to end or when the bride and groom will leave.

*Finally, an RSVP date – which is usually two months before the actual event.

Having this extra information inside the wedding invitation can help to solve many problems for your guests and possibly decrease the amount of extra time you have to spend getting this information out to them if you do not include it!