Wedding Makeup Trends

Should my mascara be waterproof? What type of foundation will photograph best? What about lipstick?
Hmm…who knew that one might be asking questions like these and others when planning a wedding! But, not surprisingly, many brides find themselves asking these questions and many others when deciding their wedding makeup.

Your wedding makeup can be just as important as your table scape. Why? Because it needs to go with the theme of your look. Whether you want elegant or dramatic, subtle or a statement, deciding on your makeup is a part of the big day. So, if you are looking for some tips to make the decision(s) easier, then keep reading- we’re here to help.

Wedding Makeup Trends to Consider

Love Your Lips

Do you want to truly stand out? Then consider a bold and dramatic look complete with a bold red or even fuchsia lipstick. This approach is a great way to add some flare and flash – especially if you opted to keep a lot of the wedding colors a bit muted. Of course, a bold lip color will also complement brighter wedding themes or those designed to have a tropical vibe.

Look Natural

Going natural- or at least want your wedding makeup to appear that way? No problem! Consider a minimalist approach to your makeup. The best way to achieve this look is to start well in advance by taking care of your skin by using products designed to help boost your skin’s natural radiance. Then, your makeup artist will be able to easily create that flawless, natural look without needing to add extra layers. The natural look typically involves filling in sparse areas of the brow thus giving a natural depth to one’s face. You can also add a bit of bronzer if the goal is to have a more sun-kissed appearance.

Look into My Eyes

Do you feel like your eyes are your best feature? Then show them off! Consider a bold eye makeup that highlights them without being a distraction. Or, for a slightly subtle look, consider a bit of shimmer by opting for a shimmery bit of color at the back of the eyelid. However, if you really want to have some fun, consider this 2022 wedding makeup trend – violet eyeshadow!

Lush Blush

If you have often used contouring powder to highlight your cheekbones, it may surprise you to learn that this year many brides are opting for blush. But it’s not the blush application your mom used in high school! Rather, many brides are opting for soft colors that complement the natural makeup look. Whether applied as a crème or a powder, blush is definitely back.

Still not sure about how you want your wedding makeup to be? No worries. Talk to your event planner at Gala Event Facility or to other recent brides to learn what they found to be the most helpful. After all, you want your day to be absolutely perfect- and that includes having the wedding makeup that suits who you are.