We have all been to events where every last detail coordinated perfectly- and those details made the occasion stand out from others. When it comes to weddings, a fun way to stand out from the other weddings your guests have attended in the past is through your wedding table settings. Your tablescape doesn’t have to be elaborate, but by incorporating the right elements you can achieve a look that makes your reception unforgettable.

Tips for Creating Your Wedding Table Settings

Whether you opt for round tables, square ones, or oblong ones, you will want them to coordinate and tell the story of your wedding. You can do this in many ways but there are some basic things to consider as you plan your reception space.

Be sure to talk to your wedding coordinator or the event planner at your wedding venue to learn if there are any elements or aspects that are-or are not- allowed. Our Gala Facility team is happy to answer any questions you might have.

Place Settings and Linens

Often, place settings are provided by your caterer or the wedding venue. However, if they are not, then they can be rented. As you look at the plates, think about your wedding colors or theme. As for linens, it is always a good idea to keep the tablecloth a neutral color and use table runners and napkins that match your chosen color scheme.

Wedding Table Centerpieces

This is where you can truly show off your personality!  From potted plants to vases of flowers, beads, greenery, origami, ribbon, terrariums, and fairy lights, there are dozens of ways to dress up your table. You can incorporate the wedding favors as part of your wedding table décor, or you may choose to use fun fabrics, textures, and elements from nature to suit a particular look. Also, keep in mind that your centerpieces don’t have to be elaborate. Oftentimes, a simple runner with ribbon and low candles that don’t obstruct conversation is enough to have a simple yet elegant table!

Look Up

Want to do something unexpected? If the venue has the ceiling for it, consider using hanging plants above the tables. This is especially great if you are using long tables rather than round ones, as it adds some dimension to the room and adds a bit of fun and flair to your space.

Pop Culture

Who says that weddings always have to be filled with traditional elements? If you and your significant other have favorite shows or movies that played a part in your relationship, consider using small frames or plaques that have quotes or images from the show as part of your wedding table décor.

Mix It Up

While your wedding table settings should coordinate, they don’t have to match. It is always fun to mix and match shapes and textures. Consider using plate settings that don’t ‘match. For instance, an octagon salad plate on top of a round-or square- dinner plate can be a fun way to add depth and a subtle wow factor to your table.

Your wedding table settings are the perfect way to take specific elements and tell the story of your wedding day. Or you may choose to craft a tablescape that showcases your style, perhaps incorporates family heirlooms or decorations that encourage crowd participation. But whatever you hope to achieve with your wedding tablescape, keep in mind that it will take some planning- and that your wedding coordinator will likely have some great tips to help you make what you are envisioning a reality. Talk to a Gala Facility event coordinator for ways to make your wedding special.