Traditional Wedding

Weddings. They are full of promise, excitement, memory making and; of course, tradition. Be it the “Something borrowed, something blue” or the cutting of the cake, nearly every wedding has a nod to a tradition or two.

Of course, there are many fun, interesting and unique wedding traditions and if you are looking for an alternative way to celebrate your wedding day, here are some to think about.

Unique Wedding Traditions and What They Symbolize

Jumping the broom – Dating back to the 1800s, and believed to be a part of Wiccan and African weddings, it symbolizes the sweeping away of the old life and entering a new life together.

Ring warming – Part of Irish tradition… during the wedding ceremony the wedding bands are passed around the room and each guest holds the wedding bands in their hands while saying a silent prayer or blessing for the couple. The rings are returned to the couple with the blessings and hopes for a long, happy marriage.

Handfasting – Also a Celtic custom, this began in the medieval times. Handfasting entails binding the couples’ hands together with ribbons or cords to represent their union. In medieval times, it was used much like a marriage certificate and recognized the marriage as a binding agreement. The ribbon colors used were often chosen based on the meaning of the colors – i.e. red for passion, blue for faithfulness, etc.

Breaking a glass – This Jewish tradition is performed after the rabbi declares them newlyweds. The groom will smash a glass with his foot.  According to tradition, the couple will stay together as long as the glass is shattered. Many devout Jewish couple also include this in remembrance to the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple. 

Log cutting- Looking for a unique way to show that you and your spouse can work together to have a successful union? Then consider the German tradition of sawing a log in half, as your guests watch and cheer you on.   

Money dance – Looking form a way to get some last-minute cash for your honeymoon?  This Polish tradition is the tradition is for you! With this, the wedding guest circle around the bride, then the maid of honor invites wedding guests to buy dances with the bride. In Greece and Nigeria, the couple will dance, and guests toss money at them. 

Black wedding gown- While white is no longer the only color for a wedding gown, it’s the rare bride who opts to wear black…. unless it is in Spain. The idea is that by wearing black the bride is showing that she is committed to her partner until ‘death do they part.”

Carrying fire – This South African tradition entails the parents of the couple ringing fire/coals from their own fireplaces to the home of the newlyweds. It symbolizes using the flames from their old homes to build a new home and future together. 

Chances are you will go to (or receive invitations to) several weddings over the next few months. Consequently, you will see an abundance of traditions – some that will be familiar to you, and perhaps some that are more unique. But now that you know some of the more unique traditions, their roots and symbolism you will have a different outlook.

At Gala Events Facility, we have seen many different wedding traditions – each of them beautiful and unique to the couple getting married. And as Marietta’s premier wedding venue, we look forward to seeing many other wedding traditions in the ceremonies to follow. If you are looking for a venue for your upcoming nuptials, be sure to contact one of event planners today. We would love to see what wedding traditions you choose to incorporate into your special day!