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Hello, and welcome to Gala Event Facilities’ new Blog!

We are excited about this new blog, where we can start displaying weddings that take place in our venue, advice columns, and tips that we have picked up with all of the events that have taken place. Most importantly, we are excited to get more personal with our future brides, and guests!

For this first blog, I would love to explain more about Gala Event Facility and the history behind our intimate venue.

It’s hard to track down a lot of details about the history of this building, but we do know that the former owner was a man by the name of Donald Dickerson. At that time, the business that resided at Gala was a molding company for crown molding, doorways, and specialty doors!

Makhal Manor was opened that year!After the crown molding business, the building was then turned into a Battery Factory creating “Synergistic Battery”.
In 1995, Jean Makarewicz bought the land and the building. After having two daughter’s that were married at the country club, Jean wanted to open a place that was affordable without sacrificing elegance. She created a warm and friendly atmosphere based on customer service. (The same values that we still carry today)

Makhal Manor was opened that year!

In 2009, Vicki Deljoo, the daughter of Jean Makarewicz, took over her mother’s business.  She did a complete renovation of the inside and outside, but still kept the concept of Affordable Elegance.

In the three years that Gala has been open; we have seen wonderful people create lifetime memories. We have celebrated milestone occasions, laughed, and cried along with our guests. As we look forward to tomorrow’s weddings, and events, it’s nice to reflect on what started Gala. Our building holds such a sweet memory bank, which we continue to grow, and hope you can become a part of!