After months of planning and buying items for your wedding décor, your day has come- and gone. The flowers were beautiful, the tablescapes elaborate, the candles, the ribbons, and all the other components that helped create your dream wedding were all you imagined. But now that your dream wedding has happened, you may find yourself wondering what to do with all the elements used.
As you begin married life, you may be eager to do so in a clutter-free home, especially should space be at a premium! So, what are you to do with extra items such as menu cards, invitations, table numbers, and the many other wedding décor?

How to Re-Purpose Your Wedding Décor


Whether you opted for silk or real flowers, it is likely they were one of the most prominent parts of your wedding décor. But once the last dance has been played, it is time to take them down. Did you use fresh flowers? Consider having your DJ announce at the end of the wedding that the floral centerpieces are up for grabs. Do you have specific people taking home flowers? Then have those arrangements set aside, and let the recipients know. Another option would be to plan for the flowers to be taken to a nursing home, homeless shelter, or hospital. Reach out to organizations such as Bloom Project or talk to your Gala Facility wedding coordinator.
Did you rent vases for the arrangements? Be sure to make plans for getting those vases back to the rental company. You will need to have an alternative container for any flowers being taken home or shared.
If you used silk flowers, you can recoup some of your investment by selling them on Facebook Marketplace. You can also let friends/family know you plan to sell the items so they can help expedite the selling process. If you plan to find them a new home and are not concerned about selling things, consider donating them to shops such as Goodwill or similar vendors.

Signage, Mirrors, Fairy Lights, Vases, and Candles

If you bought specific signage, look for ways it can be used or incorporated into your home. Wedding décor, such as signs is perfect for a mantle or a foyer. Add a vase or two, a candle, and perhaps some wedding greenery and you can have a reminder of your wedding day.

Paper Details

Invitations, Save-the-Date cards, menus, place cards, etc., are a big part of your special day. Your photographer likely took a few pictures of these items, but you can take it a step further. Consider creating a shadow box of all your wedding decorations and details. Include some of your flowers, perhaps the fabric used, etc., and showcase your favorite elements.

Your Dress

There are several choices for your dress. It may be professionally preserved for the future, or you may opt to donate it to a worthy organization. Check out organizations such as Brides for a CauseBrides Across America, or NICU Helping Hands Angel Gown which uses wedding dresses to make infant gowns for the burial services for infants.
As you plan your wedding and put together your wedding décor, try to think about future usage. Whether you plan to keep the items, sell them or donate them, knowing the future plan for your wedding décor can help with the decision-making process.
Talk to your Gala wedding coordinator if you have any questions about wedding décor for your special day.