Essential Winter Driving Safety Tips

First of all, We recommend that if winter weather hits in your area, do everything you can to prepare in advance and stay inside and don’t go out driving unless it is an emergency situation.   Following are some helpful tips on how to drive in snowy/icy weather if the need arises:

1.  Always drive slowly and leave  a lot of space between you and the cars around you.   It is recommended to leave three times more space than usual from the car in front of you.   This allows you additional room for any sliding of your car or those around you and may prevent you from having an accident.

2.  Try not to use your brake much when in these conditions.   Use the brake gently to avoid skidding and if your wheels do lock up, ease off the brake.

3.  Remember to turn your lights on so others can see you and keep your windows as clean as possible to allow for best visibility.

4.  Be careful on bridges as they will ice over before the roads will.   Try to keep a steady speed, don’t use your brakes and keep your steering wheel steady.

5.  If you get stuck, do not spin your wheels as this will only dig you in deeper.   Use a shovel or another device to try and dig snow and ice out from around your tires.   If you have access to sand or kitty litter it will help you achieve traction.

6.  If you need more information, contact your local Department of Transportation for driving tips and think about taking a driving class to help you prepare.

Please be careful out there and use good common sense if you must get out and drive in these conditions.