For many brides, planning their wedding is something they have been doing since middle school- if not before! They have spent hours dreaming about who Mr. Right will be, what their dress will look like, where the location will be, the type of wedding cake, and the wedding flowers they intend to have. But when it is finally time to plan the wedding, it can sometimes become overwhelming to narrow down all those years of wedding dreaming. For instance, figuring out what flowers will truly compliment your wedding design, venue, and budget.

After all, you may have to change flowers because someone in the significant other’s family is allergic to a particular flower. Or perhaps, the flowers are out of season and you need to choose something else. Obstacles like this do happen, so rather than becoming stressed out, consider these tips for choosing your wedding flowers.

Tips for Selecting Wedding Flowers

  • If you haven’t already made one for your wedding, set a budget just for flowers. In the U.S. that amount will range between $700 and $2,500.
  • Do some research to learn which flowers are most popular. Keep in mind, that you can easily coordinate your flowers to compliment your dress, the tablescapes, or any other element of your wedding.
  • Determine where you plan on using flowers and who needs to have flowers as part of their wedding attire. Traditionally, flowers are purchased for the bride, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and flower girl, and flowers are typically used as part of the décor for the venue/ceremony, and the reception.
  • Talk to a local florist to get an idea of how many flowers or arrangements you may need. They can also help you find ways to save money on your flowers.
  • Think about the season in which you are getting married. For instance, flowers such as tulips, daisies, clematis, and amaryllis are always plentiful in the spring while carnations, iris, and lisianthus are abundant year-round. A few summer wedding flowers are phlox, sunflowers, or hydrangeas; for winter consider daffodils, French tulips, or the delicate ranunculus. Planning a fall wedding? Then some great choices are mums, poppies, elegant calla lilies, or the quirky coxcomb (also known as celosia).

And while you can include as many types of flowers in your wedding as want, do keep in mind that some flowers are actually considered bad luck- the begonia which the Victorians believed meant dark thoughts about the recipient, the Greeks believed hyacinths to represent jealousy and rashness, and striped carnations which the Victorians felt represent refusal. Also noteworthy is a belief that having out-of-season flowers can bring death to the family; and that the bride’s bouquet should have an odd number of flowers because an even number of flowers is used for a funeral arrangement.

So, what flowers will you choose for your wedding? The team at Gala Events Facility would love to help you determine what wedding flowers will best suit you! So, make an appointment to visit our location and start deciding which flowers you will use for your big day.