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How Important is the Maid of Honor for Your Wedding?

If you have been asked to be a maid of honor (or a matron of honor) for someone’s wedding, you have been given an extraordinary role. This position is often given to the bride’s sister, best friend, or close friend. As a maid of honor, there are many additional roles one may also play- event planner, assistant, support staff, encourager, bridesmaid organizer, and wardrobe assistant are just a few of the jobs a maid of honor may find themselves doing.

The role of maid of honor is important. However, you may be wondering what you need to do to make your friend’s wedding day all they have imagined. After all, it’s a big job, and you want to do it well.

maid of honor at wedding

Jobs of the Maid of Honor at Wedding

While the bride’s needs will vary depending on the size, type, and wedding venue, some things will remain the same- regardless of the bride’s style.

Keep Everyone in Line

As maid of honor, it is your job to see that the other bridesmaids follow through with their responsibilities.  This involves being certain they are getting their dresses, being sure the dresses fit, having the jewelry in a timely fashion, and seeing that the bridal party is ready on the wedding day.

Maid of Honor at Wedding: Just Be There

Quite often, the bride is overwhelmed by the number of things that need to be done – dress buying, venue selection, caterer, dress fittings, florist, and more and needs the maid of honor (MOH) to be there for support. The MOH is an important part of the planning process, from helping the bride select a service provider to being a part of cake or food tastings, helping with invitations, or providing a listening ear and shoulder to cry on.

Host -or Cohost- a Bridal Shower

Part of the activities leading up to the big day will be at least one, if not multiple- bridal showers. As maid of honor, it is your job to plan at least 1 of the parties. You may choose to involve the mother of the bride as well as the mother of the groom to help, but it is typically the MOH’s job to ensure the bridal shower is planned- venue, food, guests list, invitations, decorations, etc. On the day of the party, it is the job of the MOH to write down the gifts received, and from whom so the bride can write Thank You notes.

Maid of Honor at Wedding: Plan the Bachelorette Party

While there’s much work to be done preparing for a wedding, there is also time for fun. The maid of honor’s job is to work with the bride and bridesmaids to put together an unforgettable bachelorette party prior to the wedding. Make it fun, relaxing, and most importantly, something that caters to the bride’s personality and interests.

Attend all Pre-wedding Events

The MOH is expected to be at wedding showers, wedding rehearsals, rehearsal dinner, and any other activities leading up to the wedding day.

Maid of Honor Duties on the Wedding Day

When the big day finally arrives, there are still tasks for the Maid of Honor. These include:

  • Be the messenger between the bride and groom
  • Coordinate the bridesmaids and see that everything goes smoothly
  • Have an emergency kit – essential sewing items, hair ties, safety pins, pain reliever, band-aids, etc.
  • Be sure the bride remembers to eat
  • Bathroom Assistant- Wedding dresses can be cumbersome. The MOH will likely need to help the bride with a visit to the ladies’ room before the ceremony. Chances are it will be a humorous-and much needed- moment
  • Hold on to the groom’s ring- if there’s no ring bearer. The easiest way to do this is to put the ring on your thumb.
  • Hold the bridal bouquet
  • Sign the marriage license
  • Be a backup hostess
  • Give a toast

Being the maid of honor is a fun, though busy, role. But with some planning- and perhaps a bit of patience- you can do your part to make the bride’s day all they dreamed about. Still have questions? No worries, the team at LG’s Gala Event Venue can help you ensure your bride’s day is everything they wanted.