The wedding day is a culmination of months of planning for many couples, and perhaps a significant amount of time dreaming of the perfect wedding. So, it stands to reason that having those special moments recorded by a wedding photographer is an important part of the day. But just a quick web search for area wedding photographers can yield numerous options. Hmmm…how do you choose the perfect photographer for your day?

While having many options is nice, it can also be stressful. Do you hire a long-time photographer with an A-list of clients or a relative newcomer who has a unique style and perspective? Do you choose based solely on their pics or listen to those who have worked them – but perhaps not left an online review?

To help you find the wedding photographer perfect for you, the Gala Event Facility team has a few suggestions.

How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

Perhaps one of the most important factors, and yet one often overlooked is this-

Can you work with them? As you choose a wedding photographer, you need to remember you will be spending a significant amount of time with them. Be sure you like the person and that their mannerisms won’t make you crazy!

As you keep the above question in mind, here are some other considerations for hiring a wedding photographer:

What is your style? 

Do you want a classic look or dramatic, moody or romantic? Whatever look you want to achieve, you need to be sure it is within the wedding photographer’s style.

What are other couples saying? 

Talk to as many couples as possible and learn how their experience was. Was the photographer on time to the event? How long was the turnaround for the pics? How did the photographer treat the guests? Did they capture the moments couples requested? These are all valid concerns when deciding.

What is the wedding photographer’s availability? 

Ask this upfront. The sooner you can hire your photographer the better, especially if you are getting married during peak wedding season!

How does your wedding budget compare to the packages?

 Know exactly what is included in each photo package the photographer has available. Be sure you know the sizes, the number of photos, if engagement pics are included, framing, albums, or any other elements that will memorialize your special day. Then you can determine if your wedding budget will accommodate the package. A good rule is to choose quality over quantity.

What about location?

 Not every area of a venue is ideal for wedding pics. It might be due to lighting, time of day, color scheme, etc. Be sure the photographer is familiar with where pics will be taken and of any special needs (lighting, backdrops, photography equipment). If you aren’t sure, consider having the photographer visit the venue or talk to the staff at the venue.

What about social media? 

Are you okay with your pictures being used on social media? How soon will they be released on the photographer’s social platforms? Do you want to see the pics before they are posted? No matter your stance on social media and your wedding images, it is important that any social media concerns, preferences, or copyrights are addressed before signing a contract or your wedding day.

Your wedding photographer will play an important part in your special day, so choose wisely. If you have questions or recommendations about wedding photography, talk to one of our event planners- they are happy to help.