Now that we know some history of how New Year’s was started, we want to give you some helpful tips on how to have a cocktail party that everyone will enjoy!

  1. Remember to provide enough food and keep it simple!  If serving hors d’oeuvres, provide a variety of options to please the different food needs of your guests – about 3 -5 options or more.  You will want to count on 6 to 8 pieces per person when figuring how much to serve.  The more diverse your food and the presentation of what you serve will definitely define your success as a party giver!
  2. Remember when serving simple finger foods, you want to make it just that: food eaten with your fingers.  Use simple options for your guests t0 be able to eat with one hand so that they will not have to set their beverage down.  The use of kebabs,  sliders, and chips an dips are good choices
  3. While planning your menu, you want to make sure you choose options that can be prepared ahead of time so  that you are not working in the kitchen and are enjoying the party!   You also want to make sure that many of  your food choices have the ability to be served at room temperature – this      also makes your preparations easier..
  4. Try preparing the meats ahead of time by baking, grilling or smoking them prior to the party.  This will allow you to put together the  sliders or other snacks quickly before the party starts.
  5. Think of the types of alcohol or beverages that will be served at your party.  Salt tends to go well with many alcoholic drinks. Try adding salty      options into your Hors d’oeuvres because it makes the cocktails even better.  Options for salty  foods/flavors are meats (such as ham or bacon), capers, soy sauce, and olives.  Cheese and crackers work well with wines as well.   Also,  serving options that provide some spice or heat can make your guests enjoy the cocktails as well.
  6. Finally, offer guests convenience. Have designated places for them to throw away their plates and unwanted food – try to have a few people on watch to make sure that the garbage does not overflow and can help you to manage it.

With these helpful tips, your New Year’s Party should be a success and should also allow you to enjoy it with your guests as well!   Happy New Year!!