Since our last post focused on the jobs of the Maid of Honor, it is only fitting that this one focuses on the Best Man. While the MOH list of responsibilities is rather extensive, this does not mean that the role of the Best Man comes without responsibilities. In fact, their role is equally important and plays an integral part in ensuring that the wedding day is all that the couple dreamed it would be.

The Best Man is the groom’s first “go-to” for any aspect of wedding planning and wedding day needs. The Best Man is typically someone the groom is close to, whether a family member or a best bud. The role can be quite enjoyable, but it’s not all fun and games.

The Role of the Best Man

Best Man’s Jobs Before the Wedding Day

  • Just Be There – Planning a wedding can be stressful. The groom will need someone they can count on to help- whether in narrowing down a honeymoon location, selecting rings, setting up wedding day transportation, or any other tasks that may arise.
  • Guide the Groomsmen – As soon as the wedding party has been chosen, it is up to the Best Man to help the other groomsmen connect (especially important if not everyone knows each other!) and then coordinate a time to go with the groom to select wedding attire.
  • Coordinate with the Maid of Honor – In most cases, the bride has the final say in all wedding elements.  Her MOH will usually know what is wanted. Rather than bothering the couple, talk to the MOH first if there are questions during the planning and especially on the day of the event.
  • Help with Travel Accommodations – If the other groomsmen will be traveling to the wedding location, it is the Best Man’s job to help set up sleeping accommodations. Ideally, the couple will have reserved a block of rooms at a nearby hotel. As the Best Man, it is your job (and that of the Maid of Honor) to see that everyone has a place to stay.  Whenever possible, pair up people to save everyone a bit of money!
  • Plan the Bachelor Party- Be sure to find out what the Groom wants, then plan accordingly. Coordinate with the other groomsmen and set a date and location that works for everyone. Generally, the groomsmen pay for the party.
  • Attend all pre-wedding events – While not responsible for planning them, you do need to attend them. Especially the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner!

Wedding Day Jobs for the Best Man

  • Messenger – Be available to get any messages to and from the couple to each other via the help of the MOH.
  • Timekeeper – Don’t keep people waiting. Be sure the groomsmen are ready on time so they can do their job of walking family members and friends to their seats.
  • Attire– Ensure that the groom, yourself, and all groomsmen have everything needed at the wedding venue.
  • Hold the Rings – Unless a ring bearer is included, the Best Man will keep up with the rings until they are needed during the ceremony. You may also need to keep up with the groom’s cell phone and wallet.
  • Be a Witness – Often, the MOH and the Best Man serve as witnesses to the signing of the marriage documents.
  • Give a Toast – This is your moment to shine. The Best Man usually gives the first toast, so prepare and practice in advance!
  • Getaway Car – Be sure the couple’s transportation is in place when they are ready. Also, if decorating the car is to be done, it is the Best Man’s job to see supplies are available.

While the wedding day is about the couple getting married, many behind-the-scenes jobs must be done. This is where the Best Man and his counterpart are most important. However, don’t get stressed out by all the wedding day planning. Instead, talk to one of the event coordinators at Gala Events Facility. They will be happy to help.