Wedding Dances For Bride and Groom

Wedding CeremonyWhen planning your wedding, Gala believes that it is a great idea to make something different that all your guests will remember and talk about for months/years to come.   It could be a really different centerpiece, a different style wedding dress or bridesmaids dress, or something you or your wedding party does to entertain guests.

Consider dancing for your guests!!   The traditional wedding has the bride and groom dance or “sway” back and forth to a love song; however, if they were to choose an upbeat song and “break out” a dance together, it would be fun and provide a memory for everyone to relive for years to come!   Some of the most memorable wedding receptions consisted of the bride and groom dancing a routine for their first dance.   This is also a great ice breaker to get the other guests into dancing after your dance.

First, you need a plan.   Decide on a style of music – one that “speaks” to both of you.   This can be determined by the couple’s culture, family history, or the couple’s likes for music.

Next, set aside time to learn the dance.   It looks so easy on Dancing with the Stars, but learning a dance routine takes time and effort to learn the steps and remember the routine.  Both parties need to be dedicated to this.   It is recommended to start practicing 2-3 months prior to the wedding.

Third, practice and then practice some more!  Do not make the mistake of thinking that you have learned it if you are successful one time.   Practice until it becomes routine for you.    It can be a frustrating experience but remember to make this a time to enjoy each other and have fun with it while you learn.   Don’t be afraid to laugh at each other and be laughed at!

Find an area dance studio in your area and sign up for lessons!   It will be a great experience and memories that will last a lifetime!  Have fun!

Check out the following post for a great example of a first dance routine!   Remember, it does not have to be from a movie but can be made up and can incorporate your wedding party as well.