We all know that there are many pieces and parts to consider for weddings. From the dresses to the food and the colors to the tablescapes, there are a plethora of details to keep in mind. So, why not take a unique approach to one of the key parts of the décor and design- the wedding greenery.

When most people think of weddings, one thing that comes to mind is the flowers and greenery. But wedding greenery can be pricey, so why not think outside the bouquet for your wedding greenery? Here are some ways to get the most for your wedding greenery budget while keeping the look and style you want for your special day.

Wedding Greenery Ideas to Suit Your Style and Budget

Wedding trends are always changing, but wedding greenery is always part of the day. But if you are looking for a way to stay on budget or perhaps want to do something a little bit different, then here are some great tips and trends to consider.

Floating Plants

Do you, or someone you know, have a collection of empty wine bottles or decorative glass jars? Consider filling the bottles with water and adding greenery such as fern leaves, eucalyptus, fresh herbs, or other decorative leaves to the jar. You could even add in a few small fruits or veggies for an unexpected and bold splash of color! Find candles to fit the jar/bottle opening, and you have an easy and inexpensive centerpiece. Add some additional leaves, herbs, and perhaps some shorter candles, and you can easily create a beautiful centerpiece or “table runner.”

Flower Lanterns

Visit an area thrift shop, antique venue, or flea market, and you will likely find an assortment of tall rectangular lanterns with hinged doors. Set your choice of greenery inside these, making simple yet elegant table decorations.

Potted Plants

Consider getting houseplants in simple terracotta pots and then adding a bow that coordinates with your wedding colors. Or, opt for decorative pots and choose wedding greenery and flowers that compliment your colors. Place the potted plants in woven baskets if you want a more Boho look. At the end of the reception, the plants will make great gifts, or you can bring them to your new residence to add to your decor.


While you may not want to overdo it with these, topiaries can be a beautiful way to add height and style to buffet tables, at entrances, or perhaps the gift table. Add a ribbon or simple decoration to the greenery or the container, and you have a simple piece of wedding greenery.

Floral Arches

Rather than a balloon arch, why not opt for natural greenery such as ivy, pothos, or any other plant with a vine-like structure. Intermix other elements to coordinate with your wedding theme.

Cake Decoration

If you are already using greenery on the table, why not take it a step further and make it part of your cake? Wedding greenery or even herbs such as lavender can be used to trim out your wedding cake, giving a simple and regal look.

Still, have questions about having the wedding greenery perfect for your day and budget? No problem, be sure to talk to one of our event planners. The Gala Event Facility team has years of experience and knows the right people to help all the elements of your wedding everything you have dreamed it to be. Give us a call today.

*Image from TheSpruce.com