Eighteen to Nine months out

Congratulations on your engagement!  Now what do you do?   Do you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin?   Hopefully, this blog will help you!

  1. Start a wedding folder or binder — this will help you keep all your contacts, information gathered, decision made, etc.. all together so that you are not losing or misplacing anything
  2. Decide your budget – based on your family/friends contributions as well as your own – this will need to include: wedding facility, dress, wedding coordinator, flowers, wedding cake, food and service, decorations, officiant, music, number of guests, and possible honeymoon.  (this may not be an all-inclusive list for every one!)
  3. Pick out your wedding party – this will end all speculations of who “made the cut” and who can help you during this time!
  4. Start discussing the guest list – this can dictate what venues you can and cannot use based on space and budget
  5. Hire a planner, if desired — planners can help you coordinate meetings and may even know a thing or two around the area you are choosing to marry in.
  6. Reserve your date and venue – this is a very important “first step” as most weddings need a venue in order to host their wedding event and the longer a bridal couple waits, the dates get booked up and your chosen date may not be available
  7. Book your officiant – you would be surprised how quickly their schedules can fill up!
  8. Start your research of florists, caterers, music/bands and photographers – start collecting their information and keep it in your binder!

This blog will be one of several to assist brides with their wedding timelines.   Once a budget has and number of guest expected to attend has been decided, next big step is finding the wedding venue.

Gala Event Facility is nestled in a beautiful location that not only offers all inclusive, budget friendly wedding/event packages as well as a la carte options.    Our wedding venue, located in Marietta, Ga, also has an on-site wedding coordinator who is experienced and can help your wedding day flow effortlessly from choosing your colors and/or decorations to vendor choices and coordination of the actual ceremony!

We pride ourselves on being a venue that has many return guests as they enjoy our event facility, the decorations, our preferred vendors, the quaint location, customer service and most of all, our budget friendly prices.

Keep watching for our next blog on what to do eight months prior to the wedding!