Are you looking for a way to make your wedding uniquely you? Perhaps you want a send-off that is especially photo-worthy. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Today’s couples are all about creating a wedding event that is personal, unique and leaving the guests impressed. As a result, many  unique wedding trends are being incorporated into weddings and receptions. 

At Gala Events Facility, we have seen many of these wedding trends and look forward to seeing others. To provide some inspiration, here are a few to get you started.

2019’s Unique Wedding Trends

Smoke Bombs

Sure, we have all seen sparklers used at the send-off, but recently couples are using smoke bombs. Leaving behind a cloud of smoke, the smoke bombs make for great pictures and leave the guests wowed. You can purchase them in a wide range of colors so you can coordinate them to match your wedding or choose to go with a rainbow of colors. The only hitch, they work best for a day time wedding as the color clouds can’t be seen or photographed at night.

Getting Edgy

Many brides are opting to go with darker color palettes – greys, midnight blue, emerald, blacks, and slate- then a small splash of color – think iridescent or metallics for chargers or serving elements – to contrast. To take it a step further, consider using color block techniques to emphasize the color palette.

Statement Wedding Cakes

Brides are beginning to see the wedding cake as the focal point of the reception. Be it a large cake that depicts common interest of the couple, or a traditional cake with tiers and delicate icing designs, many couples are choosing to go big and bold. 

The Invitations

This wedding trend allows you to show off your style. Couples are choosing invitations such as video messages, boxed correspondence, or oversized invitations with pictures of the venue or that hint at the wedding theme. Want to stick with the more traditional invitations but with your own style? Then consider using materials such as vellum, leather, suede, acrylic or a foil leafing to add some personality.

Real Floral Accessories

Not interested in carrying a traditional bouquet? No problem! Some brides are choosing to wear necklaces, rings, earrings and other elements made totally from live flowers. From succulent rings and cuffs to drop earrings made of flowers, these are certainly a unique wedding trend to consider. 

Theme Weddings

Do you and your significant other have a show you both love? Maybe, it’s a book or an experience you want to share? If so, then plan your entire wedding with that theme in mind. From a wedding based on a movie (Harry Potter, anyone?), a place such as a 20’s speakeasy, or an event like a retro dance party, there’s no end to how you can have fun with this versatile wedding trend. 

The Sound of Music

No, not the movie, but rather many couples are choosing to have both a DJ and a live musician such as a pianist, guitarist or other instrumental elements. This definitely adds extra energy to the reception!

Experiential Favors

Having monogrammed wedding favors is passé. Give your guests wedding favors that are unique.  Consider wedding favors such as a sunset boat cruise, an ice cream or food truck, or perhaps a dance class as the reception. The goal – to find a fun way to say thanks to everyone for coming.

If you are looking for ways to set your wedding day apart from other weddings, then these ideas are sure to inspire your creativity. If you have questions about what unique wedding trend(s) will work best for your day or the space here at Gala Events Facility, talk to one of our event planners. They will be happy to help you.